Criminal Division

There are two Criminal divisions in Desoto Parish. Division “A” which is presided over by Judge Amy
McCartney and Division “B”, which was presided over by Judge Adams prior to June 15, 2020.

The Division “A” felony prosecutor is Chief Prosecutor George Winston III.
The Division “B” felony prosecutors are Lea Hall and Hugo Holland.
The felony Case Manager is Gardine Gray. (
The Division “A” and “B” misdemeanor prosecutor is Kenneth Haines.
The Division”A” misdemeanor Case Manager is Mary Foster. (318) 872-2991
The Division “B” Secretary is Brittany Jennings. (

The prosecutors and Case Managers may be contacted by phone at (318) 872-2991
The Chief Investigator may be contacted by phone or email. (318) 525-2776;


The Local Agency Compensated Enforcement program, or “L.A.C.E.”, became a part of Louisiana law enforcement in the 1980s after the Louisiana State Police severely suffered from a lack of state funding.

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Traffic Diversion Program

The Desoto District Attorney’s Office has teamed with the Louisiana State Police and Mansfield Police Department to provide additional enforcement in areas of the parish that show high crash or high violation volume.

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Payment Portal

Need information on making a payment? Take a look at our online payment portal to handle any transactions.

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