Traffic Diversion Program

You do not have to elect to participate in the diversion program. Should you choose not to participate, you may still contest your citation on your court date or pay the prefixed fine and court cost. Should you fail to comply with the above mentioned stipulations, your driving privileges will be suspended as indicated on your original citation.

Payment of these citations can be made before the court date by using the following schedule:


Speeding (only up to 20 mph over the speed limit)
Stop sign violation or Failure to Yield
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
Following too close
Texting while driving
Costs: $200

For speeding 20 mph over the limit, along with all other violations not listed above, please call the District Attorney’s Office at (318) 872-2991 to determine amount of fine or eligibility under the traffic diversion program.

DWI’s are not eligible under the traffic diversion program

Traffic Diversion Acknowledgement Form

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The Local Agency Compensated Enforcement program, or “L.A.C.E.”, became a part of Louisiana law enforcement in the 1980s after the Louisiana State Police severely suffered from a lack of state funding.

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The DeSoto Parish District Attorney’s office has provided a myriad of resources regarding traffic safety information for the general public.

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