Victims Assistance Program

VAC Program Purpose

  1. To meet the needs of the victim and witness and to ensure that victims and witnesses are not deprived of their rights in accordance with the Louisiana Victims’ Rights law.
  2. To help the criminal justice system accomplish its mission of seeing that justice is done.
  3. To prepare victims and witnesses for court proceedings.
  4. To establish better communication between the criminal justice system and the victim and/or witness.
  5. To assure that the victim receives correct information regarding the judicial process, case status and case outcome.
  6. To relieve prosecutors from having to respond to time-consuming, repetitious questioning by victims and witnesses concerning aspects of the prosecution and judicial system.
  7. To result in witnesses who are well-informed, not intimidated by the system and to promote a positive experience with the criminal justice system which will lead witnesses to be more cooperative.
  8. To create a favorable impression of the criminal justice system.
  9. To increase public confidence in the criminal justice system.


The Local Agency Compensated Enforcement program, or “L.A.C.E.”, became a part of Louisiana law enforcement in the 1980s after the Louisiana State Police severely suffered from a lack of state funding.

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Traffic Diversion Program

The Desoto District Attorney’s Office has teamed with the Louisiana State Police and Mansfield Police Department to provide additional enforcement in areas of the parish that show high crash or high violation volume.

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